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MACOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and DisplayLink Device Compatibility Issue Alert

September 28, 2018: Update

With the latest driver release from DisplayLink, full functionality is returned in macOS 10.14.

After updating to macOS 10.14, the DisplayLink 5.0 drivers will need to be installed as older driver versions will not work. For more information, visit our FAQ page on this issue at:

If you encounter any difficulties in the installation process, please contact our support team directly and we will be happy to help. Support information can be found at:


August 1, 2018

DisplayLink has posted a significant update regarding a permanent solution to restore complete functionality for users with the upcoming release of Mojave (10.14). Users and developers with access to Apple’s 5th developer preview of Mojave will now see that “full support has now been restored for multiple extended DisplayLink displays where DisplayLink driver v4.3 beta 5 is installed.”

With this new Apple OS update (to be released soon, ETA unknown), we are hoping that we will see full support of DisplayLink-based products restored (enabling multiple displays in extended mode). With this update, our Product Development team will be doing extensive testing on the latest developer release. They are also working closely with DisplayLink on the timing for a release of updated drivers.

To view the update from DisplayLink in full, please see:

As we have more information regarding this release and updated drivers, be sure to check out our blog for updates.


May 2: Update

DisplayLink posted an update on their support site yesterday regarding a temporary solution they plan to make available soon for this issue which would add an extended USB display while they work on finding a permanent solution for macOS users. We are continuing to monitor developments with the DisplayLink-macOS compatibility issue and will post additional updates as they become available. You can read the latest update from DisplayLink here:


April 26: Update

While there is still no solution available to address the video issue that arose for Mac users who have installed the macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update, DisplayLink which makes the technology that enables extended video in many docking stations on the market, published this update yesterday:

“DisplayLink has committed significant resources to finding a way to restore extended mode display support in a future release of macOS. We have made solid progress towards identifying a solution, however our team needs to complete more work before we can communicate a release plan for a driver that will restore extended mode displays.”

You can read the full post from DisplayLink here:

We are continuing to monitor developments on this issue and will post any significant updates to this blog.


April 11: Update

As of today, there is still no updated driver available to address the issue with products utilizing DisplayLink technology that were affected by the recent macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update.

We have been in touch with DisplayLink and they are currently working on a solution to restore video functionality to users who have already updated their macOS. You can find the latest update from DisplayLink here:

We will continue to monitor the situation and share any information we receive on our blog and web pages for the impacted products.


Original Post

Apple recently released a new version of macOS (version 10.13.4). It was found that this new version caused compatibility issues with products that use DisplayLink technology, such as USB docking stations and video adapters. The result of this issue is that products in this category that use this technology may no longer have video.  Peripheral ports on the docking stations (usb, ethernet, audio) will continue to function.

DisplayLink is currently working on fixing the issue identified in this release. Additional information can be found on DisplayLink’s website at:

We are monitoring the situation and will provide updated information as it becomes available. See below for a list of DisplayLink enabled products that may be affected by this issue:

  • DK30A2DH
  • DK30ADD
  • USB32DP4K
  • USB32HD4K

DisplayLink is a graphics technology developed by a chip and software company with the same name that provides a solution to connect multiple displays as well as docking options to any platform.

DisplayLink is currently working on fixing this issue via a driver update. For the most up to date information on the status of this issue you can check the DisplayLink public forums where this issue is currently being tracked.


Since there is no immediate fix or workaround for this issue, suggests that customers using any of the products listed above refrain from updating to the macOS High Sierra beta path.

To ensure compatibility for your device, we recommend turning off automatic macOS updates on your Apple computer and remaining on 10.13.3. This will ensure compatibility for your device. It’s as simple as disabling the following check box in the App Store preferences:


Product Suggestions

If you are considering purchasing a new docking station to use with a computer running Mac OS, we recommend a Thunderbolt based model as they do not require drivers and is natively supported by Mac OS.  Thunderbolt 2 and 3 also offer higher data transfer rates which will allow for display connectivity up to 4K resolutions and dual 4K60 with Thunderbolt 3.

A list of recommended models can be found below:

Thunderbolt 3 Docking Stations


TB3DK2DPPD (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan)

TB3DOCK2DPPU (UK & Europe)

TB3DK2DPPDUE (UK & Europe)


Thunderbolt 3 Dual Display Adapters:




 Thunderbolt 2 Docking Stations:




For further information, please contact us directly at


  1. James Jones 3 years ago

    Is there a list I can add my email address to so I can be informed when a compatible driver is available?

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi James, we currently do not have a system to notify customers by email regarding driver availability. We will be posting updates about this issue including information about drivers to this blog as soon as they become available. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified when updates are posted to the blog by visiting this link:

      Thanks for your question!


      • Megan 3 years ago

        Andrew – when I click on that link I see all of the HTML code rather than a usable website. Can you check?

        • Author
          Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

          Hi Megan, are you you using Chrome as your browser? If so, you’ll need to install an extension to enable RSS feeds. Once you do this the link will display a dialog box that allows you to subscribe instead of the HTML code. If you use IE, Firefox or Safari it should work without the extension. If you need the Chrome extension, you can install it here:

          I hope this solves the issue, let us know if you’re still having difficulty subscribing to the feed.



  2. Jeremy 3 years ago

    Since there is no list, can driver updates be auto updated once available? Or should we continue to check this website for updates? I found out the USB32HDPRO won’t work the hard way, after updating my Mac…

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi Jeremy, unfortunately driver updates won’t happen automatically with a Mac. DisplayLink is currently working with Apple on an update to provide video functionality again and as soon as the update is available, we will post information about it on this blog. We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing in the meantime.

      • Wilko Aendekerk 3 years ago

        Still no solution???

  3. HP 3 years ago

    For those of us who have already updated, is there a simple way to go back to a previous OS version or is this an issue that is likely to be resolved in the next few days?

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi, we aren’t able to provide a specific timeline for a resolution as it is being worked on by DisplayLink who developed the technology used in these docks. You can learn more about the current status and an interim driver they developed that enables clone mode until a permanent solution is available here:

      Reverting back to a previous version of OS is not an easy process and comes with risks so we are not recommending that option. Please keep checking our blog for updates as we will let you know here once a solution is available.

      Best Regards,


  4. David 3 years ago

    IS there an expected date for the updated driver?? This is poor. I took the choice of going with your products as I was advised you keep up to date with Apple updates. Obviously you don’t.

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi David, we apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing. DisplayLink which created the technology used in many docking stations on the market, including some of our models, is working on an updated driver but we do not have an ETA yet. You can see their latest update here which includes information about an interim solution that will enable clone mode video until a complete fix is made:

      As soon as a solution is available we will post details on our blog. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience and we anticipate the issue will be rectified soon.

  5. Bill 3 years ago

    Any details of when this update will be made? Back-tracking to previous OS versions is not the best idea given recent Mac security flaws.

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi Bill, we don’t have an ETA on the availability of the update but we are monitoring DisplayLink’s progress and they are actively working on a fix. Any news or updates on a solution will be posted to our blog so keep checking back.

  6. Andy 3 years ago

    Unfortunately, your recommendation to turn off updates is not timely, since I already updated… Can you please notify me when there is patch available.

    • Author
      Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi Andy, we will be posting any updates we receive from DisplayLink regarding a new driver on this blog. To be notified when a update is posted you can subscribe to our RSS feed here:

      We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

      Best Regards,

      • Andy 3 years ago

        Is there a way that we can request a refund for the port that we purchased? The DK30CH2DPPD model is a $305.00 paperweight at this point. While I know that this is out of your hands, what are your plans to keep and grow your customers that have had 3 weeks of significant pain without being able to use additional monitors?

        • Andy 3 years ago

          Is there any update on this situation. I need a solution or to move to a different device so that I can put the 3 monitors to work again…

  7. Oscar 3 years ago

    Hi Andrew,

    Do you know if the Thunderbolt display adapters are backward compatible with previous thunderbolt versions?
    I have a 2012 MacBook but I can’t tell which version I have . The system report just displays:

    Thunderbolt Bus:

    Vendor Name: Apple Inc.
    Device Name: MacBook Pro
    UID: 0x0001000A16720DA0
    Route String: 0
    Firmware Version: 25.1
    Domain UUID: 0FB5CB23-6B5B-C75A-9C04-3E7C457AE264
    Status: No device connected
    Link Status: 0x101
    Speed: Up to 10 Gb/s x2
    Receptacle: 1
    Port Micro Firmware Version: 2.1.3


    • Andrea McDonald 3 years ago

      Hi Oscar,
      A MacBook Pro from 2012 has Thunderbolt (not Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 3) ports. If a Thunderbolt 2 dock like our TB2DOCK4KDHC or TB2DOCK4K2DP is connected to a Thunderbolt port on a computer, it will work but performance may be limited. Thunderbolt 3 docks are not backward compatible with Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 ports, since they use a different connector type. Depending on the setup, a simple Mini DisplayPort adapter may be a better option. Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-265-1844, Option 4, so we can look into this with you and help find a solution. We have Technical Advisors available 24 hours, 5 days a week. To reach us, and for more resources, please visit

      Thank you!

  8. Barbra 3 years ago

    Hi. I used my Display Link for dual monitor connectivity for work. I understand that DisplayLink is currently working on fixing the issue identified in this release, however, I am curious about an anticipated timeline. weeks, months, years? Any information would be helpful as i make a decision on how to proceed in regaining access to my 2nd monitor.

  9. Rev Dave 3 years ago

    Do you have a time frame? My multi screen set-up is looking very sad. Foolishly I did not check with StarTech before updating MacBookPro – After 25 years in computing you’d have thought i’d learn!!!

  10. Sheryl Landers 3 years ago

    What do I do if I’ve already updated my OS to 10.13.4? and how would I have known not to update it without coming here (to find a solution since my displays no longer work?

  11. Joshua 3 years ago

    I need you guys to please find a fix for this problem. I have spent a lot of money on these adapters, and this is hindering my work flow.

  12. Ryan 3 years ago

    It’s been a number of weeks now. Is there any new information on an update? Or is the thought that a resolution is not possible?

  13. Nicole 3 years ago

    Still no update? Last update was two weeks ago. Can I see the status as of now, like an ETA for the fix?

  14. MK 3 years ago

    It’s been over 2 weeks since the last update. Please share the latest as I, along with others, am getting quite frustrated now.

  15. MK 3 years ago

    I had posted a comment here today, asking why there has been no developments or updates for the last 2 weeks. But now this has gone… I’m hoping the message was not removed intentionally, as that would suggest you are now filtering out customer messages since no acceptable update has been found.

    Please be honest and transparent with us? When will this issue get fixed?

  16. Zap 3 years ago

    at what point do you plan to offer refunds or exchange for working adapters…
    i mean, this essentially rendered the product useless for the purposes that most purchased.

  17. sam 3 years ago

    any updates on this yet????????????????? This product needs to be updated soon?????

  18. TinPCB 3 years ago

    Sam…with you. At this point StarTech, DisplayLink, Apple all need to figure out a plan that has impacted thousands of us. Including those who haven’t even bothered to complain after reading this website, Display Links, and even Apple’s BS laissez-faire approach. 6 MacBooks in my household, and equal or more mobile devices. There needs to be a fix.

  19. Mathew H. 3 years ago

    I ordered on April 28, 2017, (order# 114-3698958-3886622) Dual Monitor KVM Docking Station – 4K – USB 3.0 – File Transfer Compatibility – Universal Laptop Docking Station. for 2 months it has been a $200 paper weight as it is not compatible with my Macbook Pro running OS High Sierra 10.13.4. I have waited patiently as your support site states that a fix is under way. I understand this is a Display Link issue and you cannot speed it up or intervene. However you can honor some form of customer service work around besides violating the integrity of my operating system by reverting to an out of date OS version or attempting to sell me a newer Thunderbolt 3 dock at full price. The mere fact that this is a suggested method to rectify the situation is simply predatory. I bought a product from Startech and hope that you honor that by living up to your reputation and at a bare minimum offering a credit to a compatible dock with similar features. Can you please assist me with this situation as I do not have $200-$300 sitting around to replace things that I did not cause. The only other route would be a collective class action suit or reporting to media the injustice of being taken advantage of due to faulty products. Not to mention the loss of income due to decreased productivity. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Wayne Goldzweig 3 years ago

    I, too, am getting more and more frustrated as the days slide by. It’s been months now, and I’ve been checking every few days to see if there’s any progress. I understand that initially, the bug caught everyone by surprise, but again, it is now going on months. Like a lot of people, I haven’t made any comments – just off in the wings looking to be pleasantly surprised that an update is available. At the very least, we should be getting a status update on progress, even if the fix is not yet available. Where are they on this???? Is the Apple team working with DisplayLink on a daily basis? Is some functionality looking promising? I can’t believe that Apple drastically changed the way displays are handled to such an extent that it would take months to fix this. I am a software developer, and I could never get away with not reporting my progress on a regular basis.

    We’re all being patient, but we bought the product for a reason, and would like to get back with the functionality we need. Please give a us a status update on if they’ve made any progress, what the obstacle is, and when we might expect a beta version, or (OMG!) a release product.

  21. Martin H 3 years ago

    DisplayLink has done a lousy work on this, we are now on Mac OS X 10.13.5 and still we do not have a fix for its driver. They have a subscription for updates on their drivers but I think it sucks too…

  22. Shroff 3 years ago

    This is simply unacceptable – the time it is taking to getting a solution or alternatives provided. Additionally, there has been no updates now for weeks

  23. Joshua 3 years ago

    Listen!!!!! This has been going on for months now, and apple has a update 10.13.5. O will not update in fear this will but me further behind the curve. I don’t need another update I need a solution and I need it now. If you can’t find the solution why not refund or offer alternate equipment to all your customers?

    • Brad 3 years ago

      I’m with this guy ^^^^^^^^^^

  24. Hank Hill 3 years ago

    10.13.6 is out now. any luck? still waiting.

  25. Jeffrey 3 years ago

    Is there an update here. We haven’t heard much in a while.

  26. Jeffrey Shepard 3 years ago

    Will there be an update here soon?

  27. Nina Nguyen 3 years ago


    • Danielle 3 years ago

      Hi Nina! Unfortunately there are no updates from DisplayLink at this time. We’ll be sure to provide any updates we receive here.

  28. Jacob 3 years ago

    It has been over a month since the last update. Any news?

    • Danielle 3 years ago

      Hi Jacob – unfortunately, at this time, there are no updates from DisplayLink. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and post any updates here.

  29. With Mojave out (10.14), does this finally work has intended? Anyone have test it yet?

  30. Jacob 3 years ago

    After updating to Mojave and installing the updated DisplayLink drivers I have dual extended monitors working with my dock and no under scan on the monitor I was seeing before in High Sierra. Glad this is finally working.

  31. David 3 years ago

    I can confirm that beta 5 works with Mac OS 14 Mojave and my USB3DockHD with 3 external monitors (2 VGA, 1 HDMI). This is via a MacBook Pro 15″ (2015).

    Prior to this, no DisplayLink drivers, even beta 5, would allow external monitors on Mac OS 11.13.4.

  32. Márcio 1 year ago

    O DisplayLink usb funciona para Mac pro 15 2011 sem a placa de vídeo? Pois tive problema no chipset e estar desabilitado.

    • Danielle at 1 year ago

      Hi Márcio! Unfortunately, USB video adapters require that the host computer have an internal GPU installed. This is because USB video adapters work with your onboard or dedicated video card to drive additional displays.

      If you have any further question please reach out to our technical team via phone at 00 800 7827 8324 or live chat.

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