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VIDEO: Why Adapters? They Just Work.

Why does this Network Administrator keep adapters handy?

Watch William, Network Administrator for the Southern College of Optometry, explain why adapters are his go-to products.

“For whatever type of connection you need to make, they have a product which can fit your need. I carry three or four of their adapters every day, and without those, in a lot of situations, I couldn’t do my job.”

-William Hopper

View the full line of adapters.


  1. Lars-Åke Nilsson 3 years ago

    Good after non . I am looking for a addapter there I can use my old XT keyboard to a Computer with usb2 .
    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards
    L-Å Service
    Lars-Åke Nilsson

    • Andrew Stephen 3 years ago

      Hi, unfortunately we don’t currently offer any converters that would allow you to connect a keyboard using 5-pin DIN to USB.

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